Creating value with integrity

For over 40 years, First Urban Group have invested in property, communities and local areas; developing once overlooked spaces to an exceptionally high standard.

First Urban works with a variety of development types, from office buildings to residential properties, industrial and roadside locations and even commercial premises. Each development undertaken by First Urban Group adds value, boosting investment opportunities and ultimately increasing the status of an area.

Accessibility, aesthetics and the community are always taken into consideration and the group strives to work only with contractors who believe in completing projects to the highest of standards. Take a look at what we’ve been up to since the group was created, there’s more to come too!

1976 – The group is founded by Alan Goldberg, Howard Harris and Jonathan Gold.

1990 – The company is sold to Ladbroke plc in 1990, after being spearheaded by Gable House Properties throughout the 70s and 80s.

1990s – The Group’s First London Estates branch becomes its strongest investment vehicle, over the next decade the group acquires and manages £100 million worth of property in the UK and Europe.

1991 – Jason Harris joins the Group.

1994 – A substantial portfolio featuring key investment properties is sold as part of a corporate transaction to Newport Holdings. The Group moves forward with a new focus, concentrating mainly on development and planning opportunities.

1997 – Daniel Goldberg joins the Group.

2010 – In June, the group’s varying interests are consolidated to operate as one, now recognised as the First Urban Group.

2016 – Work begins in April on a brand new HQ. This new, vibrant office space in West Hampstead is opened for staff in June.